Monday, March 30, 2009

eleventy billion hours

okay, you're right Alex Trebec, that isn't even a number...but, it does mean that Lory has been sleeping awesome lately. Eleven uninterrupted hours on Thursday night!!!! Plus, a week of mostly 3 hour naps once a day. Maybe its just a fluke, but this gives me hope! I now know that he is capable of getting more sleep without eating. Its been a rough road with his reflux...not gaining weight, switching to more frequent feedings...regressing with sleep...but since starting medicine and our new routine a month ago, we are starting to get back on track...and we are loving our super happy baby. I know that things will probably change tomorrow...once you get on a good routine, something ususally changes...but for now we will savor this!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lorens and Punky

Our cat is crazy. I was really nervous to keep her around with a baby coming. She hasn't had a fabulous track record with small children...older children/teenagers/adults/old people/us. :) Which is why we decided to wait until Lorens can defend himself to really introduce the two of them. We've done a decent job of keeping them away from each other so far. Punky has done better than we initially thought. She's just been really curious about the kicking feet under the blankets and the jerky hand movements. Before she tries to investigate further we usually swoop in and take him away or make her run away. Basically though, I have little to no love left for this cat. You could say I hate her. All I ever do is yell at her through clenched teeth. You would too if you had a cat who was constantly torturing you for attention. Her latest game she plays is "tag." She hides under our tables and waits as you walk by...lets you get to the other side of the room... and then bursts out, runs towards you at full-speed, and then jumps up and swats your legs. It happens so fast that all you hear is galloping and then you get swapped from behind. It makes me scream every time. It's funny the first couple times, then it just gets IRRITATING. The only reason we still have her is because Josh still loves her. He gets a little sad everytime I mention getting rid of her. I'm slowly wearing him down though I think. So, I was watching all our lo lo videos this past week and came across this gem. Before you watch...I give a disclaimer. My house is very messy in the video. Normally I can't function with the messiness, but for those who think my house is always clean because you only come over when we have company...this is real life with a little baby. Actually, this is from a couple months ago when we were in the process of disassembling a bunch of our baby stuff that we didn't need up anymore, so it was all over our living room. Which gave someone in our family the perfect place to hide and stalk lo lo. It just took us a while to figure this out. We think its pretty funny...and if you know our cat you probably will too.

Anyone want a cat? haha.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I love to decorate. I've been told by numerous people that I should be an interior decorator. It's flattering, but I would be no good going to someone else's house and decorating it for would probably turn out just like mine. My style totally reflects my personality, my passions, my sentiments... Usually when decorating a room, I'm the type who has one object that I start with, and build the room around it...a lamp, a picture, a pillow, etc... I decorate with gusto. Lots of bold colors, patterns, I don't like matchy-matchy. It takes me forever to completely finish a room. We like to create our own paintings to personalize a room and make it "ours". I rearrange and add touches here and there untill I can sit in the middle and decide its "done" its "me" its "us". So all this to say I've been completely uninspired to decorate our bedroom. Last year at this time, I got sick of the red walls and decided to repaint it a light/sunny yellow color. We put up a couple wardrobes, and hung a few pictures, but we keep's just not us.
Saturday night, I came home from a "girls night out", and walked into our bedroom to find the most beautiful comforter on our bed. My husband is the greatest.
Here's our old comforter...(shabby chic)

Here's our new comforter...i love it! You can't tell from the picture really, but there are birds and flowers stitched in a different fabric on the orange branches. I'm already inspired to finish our bedroom...

And, whats a post without some pictures of little lo lo?
We got to visit the Ackermans and their new baby Brennan a few weeks ago. What an adorable little baby boy! Jon and Chaeli will be great parents.