Thursday, October 25, 2007


so, I know I refer to SNL frequently, but I can't help it. There’s just certain skits that seem to stay with me. Usually, there’s not a week that goes by that either Josh or I don’t mention a line in a skit…and then crack up. Or something happens that reminds me of a certain skit. Can’t help it. (I also tend to relate real life situations with Friends episodes all the time – many of you can vouch for that I’m sure. I’m Sorry.)
The GR fire/police department isn’t too far away from where my office building is located, so it isn’t unusual for me to hear their sirens go off all the time. Half the time it seems like they end up on my street for one reason or another. Usually its because the fire alarms go off in the Cooley Law School across the street …all…the…time. Yesterday I left my office just in time to see about 6-7 squad cars pulled up in front of our building and Mel Trotter. There is a parking garage going up on the corner for the law school, and a crazy guy decided to climb up the humongous crane that they happened to be using yesterday. I stood and watched as the police scrambled around yelling at him, trying to safely get him down. (they did finally) How many police do you think it takes to get one crazy guy? Apparently it takes about 15. If you think that’s “crazy”…today will take the cake.
The sirens go off and I think… “here they come again”… sure enough, they pull up right below my window. There aren’t any alarms going off anywhere… my immediate thought is that there must have been an accident…someone is hurt. NOPE. I watch as they talk disgruntled amongst themselves around a light pole. Then one of them walks slowly to the fire engine, grabs a bottle of water, walks back to the light pole and pours his bottle of water on the cigarette head-to-toe fire gear. They got a call about a smoking cigarette holder. Now I ask this…. “REALLY”?
And in conclusion…(I’m bringing it all back together now)…Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler do a segment called REALLY?!? on weekend update. It’s pretty funny (not hilarious) but I guess memorable enough for it to come back to me today…haha – you should U Tube it if you are an SNL fan.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You've entered...The Twilight Zone

All I expect from my bi-yearly dentist check-ups is for a hygienist to clean my teeth, brush them, floss them, get the dentist to give them a once over, give me a toothbrush and floss and let me get the H out of there. (did I mention that I HATE getting my teeth cleaned and all that is teeth related? I do.) Why do dental hygienists talk to you and ask you questions whilst they are cleaning your teeth? I can’t answer you, crazy lady, your fingers and sharp pointy things are all up in my mouth. My hygienist always wants to know the intricate details of my life…and remembers them better than I can. She asked me when my husband and I wanted to have kids…and asked what my exact time frame was…(!?) I’m thinking this must have been for medical purposes… She always answers her own questions followed by her life story…so yes, I do know that she is having children and when she is planning on having them… THEN, she actually said to me... "I bet you get asked when you’re having kids all the time since you’ve been married so long…don’t you just hate it when random people ask you that?” Again…I can’t answer you…your hands are in my mouth. I am screaming obscenities inside my head at you though. They need to teach people in dentistry schools what inappropriate means. For all she knows…this could be a devastating subject for me for any number of reasons. It’s not, thankfully, but what does she do when I burst into tears on the swivel chair? Goodness. She also said that she saw me and my husband in home depot a few months back…she has never met my husband and has only cleaned my teeth 3 times…(insert twilight zone music here).