Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Last Wed. instead of trick-treating, I went bowling with the girls I mentor from Mars Hill Senior High. I have been with them since they were seventh graders...my how they have grown up! We went bowling in our costumes and ended quite early as most of them had parties to get to. For the second game I made everyone bowl with their opposite hand. It was hilarious. I also said that I would bow down to anyone who got a strike...and whatdaya know...Wendy got one. Surprise, surprise. ahem...I bowed down.
Here's Wendy and I ...Obviously Wendy was a nerd...and I (not so obviously?) was a little girl named Freja. This costume will make sense in a post that I will do next week...Josh and I are going to a costume party this weekend...Josh is sort of going as my other half...or rather...I, his. I will explain better with pictures next week.

On another holiday related note...I CAN'T believe that downtown GR already has a lit up santa claus on one of the ellis parking garages. really?!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

chicago: there and back

What happens when you go to Chicago with your train routes all planned out and then you get there and the line you based all your traveling around is closed for construction? You get two frantic girls making laps (literally) around downtown trying to find a different line to get on...and then eventually take a really expensive cab-ride. I was confident that I would be able to get Wendy I around Chicago using their Metra...but I didn't even get the chance. You have to be able to find a way underground first. Aside from our transportation woes, Wendy and I had a very fun/adventurous day in Chicago together last weekend. We shopped the whole day, ate lunch at Giordano's and then expensively made our way to our final destination...Marissa's bachelorette party. Here's the three of us at her soon to be sister-in-law's downtown condo.We had a great time eating, drinking, and thinking of great dares to make Marissa do later in the night at our various stops. Marissa was surprised with an evening at Chicago's Baton Lounge drag show...yup. It was ahh... interesting? Actually, a few times my stomach hurt from laughing so much. Wendy and I opted out on the rest of the night so that we could catch our train back home (which we made ah-thankyou.) Here's a picture I snapped on our mile walk to the train station.It was a beautiful night! I think our favorite part of the walk back was this guy sauntering up to us to ask us if we would give him some money to donate to his Jack Daniels charity...haahaahaa. In Wendy's words "hey...at least he was honest!"
Actually...my favorite quote of the day (quite biased, but what can I say?) was at Crate and Barrel. My cashier guy said "Michele Bishop. That's a good name. In fact...you could totally be a movie star with a name like that." God bless Crate and Barrel cashiers. I say we all could use a random quote like that in our day.