Thursday, December 4, 2008


We went home to see visit my family (Michele's) for thanksgiving this year. It took us 4 hours to actually pack up and get out of our house as opposed to the 30 minutes that it used to take us. It probably would have taken us another 4 hours if we had to pack all our baby stuff...but thankfully my parents were given a ton of baby stuff - so it truly saved us a hassle! Over our stay, my parents babysat for us for the first time - it was nice to be away from Lorens for a couple hours...but also very sad! My sister and Josh and I went to see Twilight. I kid you not, we were the oldest people in the theater. It was a sold out show of solid 11-14 year old girls. When Edward (the "hot" vampire) appeared in the movie, the theater erupted in girly screams and clapping. When Edward and Bella kissed, everyone giggled and whispered and screamed. It cracked me up...especially when Josh tried to join them. :)

This Thanksgiving I was so thankful for my new little love, as well as my husband who takes such good care of both of us. Also so thankful for my mom.

Here are a couple pictures from our thanksgiving week.

family pic
Lorens' first steps...sort of...don't you love that frown?