Saturday, January 10, 2009

growing up!

Lorens had his 2 month check-up yesterday, and I realized how much he is growing up! Here is what he is doing now...
*smiling and cooing and "laughing" all the time - we love to make him smile
*sticks his tongue in and out when we wiggle ours at him...thanks dad for teaching him this! :)
*sucks his hands and thumbs
*loves to stare at hanging toys in front of his face
*smiles and squirms when we play patty cake
*loves to stare at the Mary Englebreit border I have in the laundry room where he gets changed
*he is a good sleeper! He takes 2-3 naps in the day and sleeps 5-7 hours in a row at night.
*ever since he was born, he continues to be on the small side. At 11 weeks old he is weighing in at 9 lbs. 11 oz. His head is pretty little too. So, he is pretty low on the growth chart. He is long though!!! 23 and 1/4 inches! The Dr. wasn't worried because he is so long...proves he is growing i guess!
*he definitely knows who his momma and daddy are. sometimes I have trouble getting other people to hold him because he will end up wailing once he realizes I'm not holding him anymore.

He also got his first vaccinations yesterday...soooo sad! I was absolutely dreading this. He let out the longest, loudest scream I've ever heard, all the while looking at me, wondering why I was letting this happen to him. Someone should have been videotaping my face because I realized when the nurse looked at me that my face was twisted in horror like I was the one getting the shots. Lory made it through though. He stopped crying as soon as the nurse handed him to me. I think I was the one who needed a pat on the back and an "I was a brave patient" sticker on my way out. :)

Also whats going well...cloth diapering! I had a lot of people ask me in the beginning if this was going well, and I had no update because the diapers would just fall off the poor kid's butt. A non-existent butt is just not conducive to a cloth diapering regiment. But now that it has filled out a bit, we've been able to embark. For awhile we were doing about half regular diapers and half cloth diapers, but now we're in cloth diapers all the time at home. Its going really well and its not as hard as I thought it might be. I'm actually not grossed out by any of it, and I think its kind of fun in a weird way. Josh has actually been more gung ho about it then me...he is a cloth diapering pro. I'm glad we were able to stick with it - it sure is saving us a lot of money, and I'm glad we're doing something smart for the environment.

And for something funny... since we have had Lorens, we haven't been able to go see any movies (which we love to do), and so what do you do when you have a newborn in the middle of a blizzardy (horrible) Michigan winter? You borrow 2 seasons of Veronica Mars and watch over 40 epidsodes in 3 weeks. We became slightly addicted to "pop culture's savviest, sassiest, kick-assiest teenage detective show". :)

OK...Here are a couple pictures that we snapped of cutie little Lorens over Christmas...

this is us doing laundry together...Lory isn't too thrilled...
this is me and Lory playing Tiger with Cade, Lorens' cousin...
Lory watching Mr. Cow in his bassinet...he loves him some Mr. Cow...
a cute picture that Josh snapped of me and Lory at my parents house...
don't my parents look so natural holding the screaming baby? hahahaha