Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I just like you so much...

Last week Josh and I had dinner with our friends, and I happened to make a new friend...her name is Grace. She's 5 years old. While we were eating dinner, Gracie yelled across the room from where she was playing "HEY!! What's his wife's name?!" Kindly I yelled back, "MICHELE!" to which I learned she has a cousin named Michele that she doesn't like very much. While the adults were talking, apparently Gracie decided that I would be her new best friend. She skipped over to me numerous times to whisper her new greatest thoughts...I'll share a few of my favorites...
"Umm, Michele, I just like you so much that, that I want to just give you things." (i drove home with a fake flower that I promised I would put in a vase WITH water when i got home, as well as a picture of her and I, standing on rocks, that I promised to put on the refridgerator by request)
"Ummmmm, Michele, Michele, I just like you so much that I think I just want to come over to your house sometimes and have a sleepover."
"Ummmmmmm, Michele, I think I just want to sit down here and show you how I can tie my shoes cuz I've been practicing, I've been practicing real hard, and cuz I just like you so much, see?"
Then at the end of the night, she skipped over with a little case of makeup...the kind that's got super bright, sparkly colors of lipgloss, eye shadow, and blush...but they all look like lip gloss...and proceded to try and put makeup on me..."cuz I just like your hair and face" she said. And I let her...because how could I not? I left their house with one extremely bright purple lip, and one extremely bright pink lip with sparkles on top. I'm so glad Gracie chose to accentuate my most prominent facial feature. Her mom swore to me that it didn't look that bad...amidst smothered giggles...ha! No pictures, sorry to disappoint. However, we did come home to a very big thunderstorm, and as we drove up to our house, Josh said "OOoo, I better park our car under the tree" the tree that always looks like its about to fall over in a storm...and we wouldn't mind it falling on our car...but that's another story. Anyways, just as he says that, look what came down in our front yard, JUST missing our car!
a big piece of tree. our car is fine. darn.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

coming back?

I admit, I was a little surprised when all the 80's stuff started coming back. Who would've ever thought that we'd be bringing high-waisted pants back with big thick belts, or side pony tails? Some of it is a little extreme, but a lot of it grew on me to where I actually walk by a big flashy purse covered in buckles and gathers, and I think, "OOoo, cool purse!" It's the new 80''s cool...i like it...i wear it.

New 80's started to make me think...oh dear lord...does this mean 90's is next? Who enjoyed the style of the 90's? If you are thinking, "sheeyah, i would kill to pull out my flannel shirt and straight legged jeans with army boots, that i saved just in case" then this post is dedicated to you. So...I'm walking in the mall a few weekends ago, just browsing...doing a little people watching...when out of the corner of my eye I see her. Stripped UnionBay shirt (the red colors one), shorts overalls...with ONLY one shoulder strap buckled...the other just only it should, white cuffed socks, black Birkenstock style knock-off sandals, and a thin layer of bangs curled under just so. Did I paint a picture for you or what? I seriously had to turn around to make sure we weren't on camera. You CANNOT get much more 90's than that. If that style ever comes back and I walk by a store and say, "OOoo, if only I could pull off that sock and flip flop combo again like back in the day...well, it was cool once..." slap me. I give you full permission.