Sunday, May 18, 2008

16 weeks

For anyone who's wondering what I now look like, here is me and baby at 16 weeks.

This weekend Josh finished remodeling our bedroom - woohoo! Now we can start cleaning out all our stuff from the "nursery" since we have more storage space in our room now. We also decided to try our hand at some garage saleing. Heritage Hill had a community wide yard sale, so Josh strapped a milk crate to his bike (yes, he looked ridiculous...shhh) and we rode down there to check things out. So glad we did, because we found some great deals! We spent $40 total and bought a baby bathtub, a baby bouncer seat, a BabyBjorn active baby carrier (the best deal by far), 14 little yellow and green outfits, 8 onsies, and a little hat. I think I'm going to be sick once we start shopping for full price baby gear and clothes.

Highlight of this week is that I started to feel the baby move! No kicks or anything yet, but I'm definitely feeling it move around. It's weird and I'm still getting used to it, but I kindof like it so far. I like knowing its there :) Hopefully I'll post again in a few weeks with a new picture - maybe by then we'll know the gender!