Sunday, April 20, 2008

And we're back...

from Paris, France! We spent 10 wonderful days eating, sight-seeing, eating, drinking, shopping, and eating. It is true what they say, the food is fantastic. We had everything from crepes and chocolate croissants to organic pasta with seaweed. All of which were amazing. We took a tour of the city the first day to get our bearings, and then proceeded to really see the city the rest of the time we were there. Seeing the eiffel tower and notre dame in person was something we'll never forget. They definitely seemed larger than life. There was so much great art, it was almost overwhelming. We are sort of art enthusiasts, so we really loved going to all the famous museums. I think we had the best time just wandering around and coming across little markets and cafes, street performers and cathedrals. I found out that even having 5 years of studying French under my belt didn't seem to help me much in understanding or speaking to people. Sorry Madame S. Josh did quite well, he impressed me! Here are a couple pictures we took (2 of the over 600...we're trying to put some on flickr...stay tuned).

eiffel tower at night

notre dame at night

Going to France isn't the only big news we most of you know, we're expecting our first little baby! We are so excited to finally have everyone know our wonderful news. I am 3 months along, and finally starting to feel a little better as I get out of my first trimester. Baby Bishop is due on October 31. Hopefully I will be better at updating our blog during my pregnancy. Here is a little picture that we took this weekend of what the belly looks like so far...It finally just popped out a little this past week. :)